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  Having a greater purpose than simply selling product, brands need to connect in a transformational and relevant way. It’s no longer just about the brand attributes but a commitment to serve and respect the audience. Here’s a thought provoking article from Rei Inamoto… The End Of Advertising As We Know It–And What To Do […]Continue Reading


Do we really need to mimic ‘real life’ to the degree that Apple has done to feel comfortable in a digital interface? Perhaps not. An interesting debate is raging over the gratuitous use of redundant graphics to define elements (and help us recognize and understand them) in our digital world, such as the literal trash […]Continue Reading


In a category with low brand awareness but important health criteria for consumers, the opportunity for Alfa One spread was to make a statement on shelf as the brand that clearly defines it’s product attributes across its 3 variants. Using appetising imager, differentiating graphics and key messages, along with the sleek black lid, the brand […]Continue Reading


Youth Horizons/Kia Puawai, a not-for-profit organisation delivering social services to young people, outgrew it’s identity, requiring a more accurate reflection of who they are, and what they do. Our brief was to develop an identity that portrays the depth of character, the clinical expertise and the cultural empathy that distinguishes the organisation as leaders in […]Continue Reading


A key differentiator for this brand is the caliber of service these experts provide, and the depth of knowledge to pull off an unforgettable island experience. A team with years of experience and expertise in perfect planning, impeccable presentation and flawless delivery, needed the brand identity to reflect not only the diversity of the island’s […]Continue Reading

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